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Are We " Eight Seed Farm Project" In

Atana can spend healthy every day, and also hope to have a healthy forever.

Gifted you!

Are you how much life with an awareness of health?

Do you notice how much the health and diet?

The Internet I see a lot of articles about, such as health and beauty and happy life.

But it just be so difficult to the habit in most of the contents, such as the daily diet and exercise.

Then, in order to take the time to do it there is a need to change your current lifestyle itself.

It is very difficult.

We Eight Seed Farm Will Tell A Simple Way Such You That Need Healthy.

Eight Seed Farm Project

"I want to everyone's health," it began from such feelings

Eight Seed Farm Project

I, including I think that everyone there is a variety of dreams, such as the location you want to want it and go to spear to.

Want To Be I Travel And Likes People. I Want To Cherish The Time With The Children. I Want To Do My Best More Work.

I of the friends Some people that want to go to see the clear waters in the South America.

Each Everybody has a dream.

Do you think that what we need in order to fulfill it, money or knowledge and time is of course necessary.

However, it is most important is that it is "healthy".

We have to First attention diet is a "wonder? Can a man healthy What if" its origin is the root.

Trend Is Changing Food With The Times. Thing Is Impossible Unless You Have The Self-Sufficiency That Resisting Against This Change.

Because we greatly affected by it even products and of our own mind that can we buy by the trend of food.

Is The Drink So We Were Focused. We Have Noticed That The People Of The Opportunity To Drink A Drink Than Food In Life Is Actually More.

Now, What What You Have To Associate To Say "Drink" Is? There Are Many, Such As Coffee, Tea, Water And Juice.

We have focused on tea, which has been continued to drink for many years regardless of age sex in a drink there from ancient times in Japan in that.

Farm to Table

Eight Seed Farm

Our theme

"Farm To Table" 
"Handmade Natural Self Drink"

There are a variety of tea in the world.

Shizuoka of green tea in Japan, there are many Sri Lankan tea, also how to drink of the country famous tea and the tea such as oolong tea of ​​China overseas.

Only in that from us own experience and peace of mind to our own cultivation and only of raw materials reliable plantation As you can drink in Atana

It sets strict rules that do not provide.

This is because the most emphasis on a direct connection to the person who'll drink it with us, which is also the producer.

We are using only the tea leaves was increased only in the natural growth of the plant itself without the use of pesticides.




"The Historical One Of The Few World Agricultural Heritage On Earth CHAGUSABA Are Made Of" Farming.

We Eight Seed Farm , Which Is The Base Of MATCHA Powder Was Born Here.

The land is located in Kakegawa, Shizuoka is a flourishing cultivation of the most tea in Japan.

Its taste is deep flavor that leaves a rich and pleasant lingering fragrance.

And you can feel the Japanese culture.

The history of tea Kakegawa starts from Ieyasu Tokugawa of the era is the oldest of the Japanese samurai.

When Also Passed And Hundreds Of Years Now In The Old-Fashioned Recipe MATCHA Are Made Is.

MATCHA Are Talked About As Good Medicine For A Long Time, The Health Effect Is Now Demonstrated By Modern Research.

Green tea is the difference with other green tea, for taking the tea leaves to a powder rather than the extract as it is to the body, it is attractive that the nutrients can be taken also water-insoluble component.

In overseas, Chiashido and acai, has been attracting attention as a "super food", along with such as quinoa.

MATCHA In The Included Ingredients Contains Many Catechin Polyphenols, Potassium, Calcium, Dietary Fiber.

These components are loved by the Japanese as a nutrient needed to be beautiful and healthy, we have drunk a lot of people.


Located in the northern part of Japan, there is our farm in Miyagi Prefecture.

The Plantation Of In Eight Seed Farm Has Grown And Harvesting A Healthy Wild Grass Is Flavor.

In our have received cooperation from many experts in order to launch this project.

Three of the ROOT / Wild herb / Mushroom from 20 types of carefully selected wild grass was green tea blended with the best ratio in Rainappu.

No8, Jerusalem artichoke (Root tea)

No11, mulberry leaf (Silk herb tea)

No17,Bracket fungus(Mushroom tea)

No8,Jerusalem artichoke

The Jerusalem artichoke is a perennial plant of the Asteraceae Helianthus wear and yellow flowers such as chrysanthemum, a lump such as ginger root.

English In, " Jerusalem Artichoke Is Called A".

Bathed in the Sun Sun the light of the summer sun, Jerusalem artichokes, which inherited without leaving the rich nutrients from the earth has been referred to as the "sun and the earth's bounty of food."

Rare high-value dietary fiber

Inulin present in about 36000 kinds of plants corresponding to one third of the whole plant such that live on earth

Its content is very small compared to other dietary fiber, is said to be very valuable dietary fiber.

The contains the largest number of its inulin is the Jerusalem artichoke.

Feature of inulin contained in the Jerusalem artichoke

Inulin contained in the Jerusalem artichoke has a complex structure of different partial chain type from that of other plants.

Further inulin is also a prebiotic is the nutrient only for certain beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the gut (good bacteria).

Rich nutrients and low in calories

Jerusalem artichoke has been included vitamins in addition to inulin, minerals, various components such as essential amino acids.

However, calories only been included energy about 1/4 1/3 compared to sugar and other carbohydrates

Even compared with fat does not include only 1/9 degree of energy from 1/6.

Expectations for Jerusalem artichoke

Absorption suppression of sugar and carbohydrates

Inulin by becoming the gel muddy absorbs moisture as it passes through the gastrointestinal, is slow the rate of absorption of excess sugar and carbohydrates, helps rapid increase in postprandial blood glucose.

Inulin Us With The Help Of Excretion From The Body To Adsorb Harmful Substances In The Intestine. 
The Sugar And Fat Content Of The Absorption Suppression, In Addition To Prevent The Accumulation Of New Body Fat, Is Already Said To Be Spur Is Applied To The Consumption of fat stored in the body.

In The Human Not Body Are Digested Inulin, Reach Up To The Large Intestine, And Support Their Growth Become A Food Of Bifidobacteria And Good Bacteria. 
It Supports The Activation Of Intestinal Activity.

Beauty and inulin as a saccharification prevention

By Sipping Prevent Glycation That Causes Skin Sagging And Age Spots And Wrinkles, As Close To The Beautiful Skin. 
In Addition, By Reducing The Absorption Of Sugar And Carbohydrates, It Is Also Effective In The Prevention Of Saccharification, Which Is Also Said To Be The ringleader of a variety of diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's, arteriosclerosis.

No11,Mulberry Leaf Silk Herb )


 We use only mulberry leaves of pesticides not use cultivation. Of course, we have carefully selected only what is certainly a high quality. Of course, Japan produced 100 was grown without the use of pesticides at all as a percentage. Use of the additive does not have to be. And is also a non caffeine.

Leaves become the raw material of silk "Silkworm" eat

 Mulberry tree there was a lot of demand in the sericulture as leaves to eat is "U" has been used for health maintenance and longevity as a health food at home and abroad for a long time.

 In recent years it has been Mulberry is attention as a super food with excellent nutritional value, but the "Mulberry leaf tea" mulberry leaves nutritional value is the main raw material of is famous for extremely high.

 About calcium of milk 25 times, iron about the Japanese mustard spinach is 15 times, the total carotene amount of about of spinach 10 times, dietary fiber is about green tea 20 is included times. Minerals such as zinc and magnesium to the other, vitamin C and B vitamins such as group, protein, amino acids, chlorophyll (chlorophyll), a number of flavonoids, DNJ ( 1- deoxynojirimycin), superoxide gym synthetase ( SOD ) enzyme, Ganma - amino butyric acid (commonly known as GABA / GABA), sitosterol and stigmasterol, etc., etc., a variety of useful components that have been noted in health food and health-based confectionery such as supplements and Tokuho have been included in the wealth.

No17,Bracket Fungus Mushroom )


 Commitment to natural products of Japan production, we are dealing with only those that mountain of professionals were collected. We will deliver the Polyporaceae tea pesticide-free, additive-free non-caffeine was dried so as not to break the ingredients were ground to a coarse as possible.

Component of Bracket fungus

 Polyporaceae is contain a lot of "beta-glucan", has been drunk mainly as a health tea in Japan and China since ancient times. Miracle of mushrooms, been handed down as the soul of the tree are prized today.

 The Polyporaceae contains other rich nutrients also of "beta-glucan". Since Polyporaceae tea of ​​Hotei plantation is additive-free product was crushed coarsely to dry the domestic and natural products, that boil as tea, you can securely extract them of the component.

kind of Bracket fungus

 The many kinds Polyporaceae, also figure type is different. Semi-circular of mushrooms that have occurred in the tree does not mean that all Polyporaceae. Among the Polyporaceae in Hotei plantation, it deals with "beech Polyporaceae (Polyporaceae)," "hemlock Polyporaceae (Tsuga Polyporaceae)", "Koch key Polyporaceae (ganodermataceae)".

 For any harvest in Okuyama, it is a difficult task. In particular, "Koch key Polyporaceae" is limited collection amount less number of occurrences.

EAT variation

We Eight Seed Farm of the product can a variety of eating in addition to drink as tea.

Cake Cup 
Yogurt Smoothie 

This Is The Besides Perfect Accent To The Soup, Pasta, French Fries And Chicken Pizza. 
Slightly Bitter And Sweet Green Tea Is Further Brings Out The Taste Of The Cuisine.

Ceramic Artist; MORIKOYO


I like painting and making things from an early age, but vaguely that there is, someday I thought I want to make myself work.

When young the future, did not have even thought Nante become potters.

However, it was in going to a lot of experience out into society and "what to do in order to enrich my life?" Question to myself.

And was that the answer is aimed at "potter".

I you, but it to have been to postpone "it to cherish their own" in what has been a hobby also just worked earnestly not have in the devoted work,

Finally I think that was find a place to have of their own.

Cause a variety of changes in the future create works that you have your experience, to be more creative in the pottery of the world with tradition is the goal of this from me.

And people of smile that took in hand my work has become the driving force of my creative impulse.

Pottery Culture

Of Japan Has Ceramics Undergone A Unique Development. It Is Also The Difference Of The Material.

In Japan, we use a lot of what the combined clay and "powder of stone" called the pottery stone instead of porcelain that are used in Western dishes.

This is because the diet culture of Japan to be used by applying to have direct outlet to the hand, there is also one of the reasons is that in consideration of the texture and warmth.

Moreover, in Japan there is to align the things one by one the dishes different design,

This is so that the heart of the tea ceremony of hospitality that my husband choose the vessel in accordance with the guests of the underlying.

In addition, by chance we can distortion and ragged, to even Japanese bleeding condition of glaze feel the beauty,

Tore corners rounded, gradually To come out the taste as the use.

These are fun of indescribable Japanese pottery, it's also attractive.


Japan of the thing called "vessel" is more delicious dishes you made wholeheartedly to people who are thought to cherish, further flowers are beautiful bloom, is the magic of the items will be beautifully expressed.

If, Why not try to incorporate the culture of the "bowl" If the Japanese if your wishing to positive changes in life?

Change of lifestyle is also part of your life change.

I'm sure your mind will be to those rich and fulfilling than it is now.


Your important person in the modest care of in casual life has been created with all your feelings to get used to more smile.

In Japan, there is the word "put the mind".

It means "making something hope the loved ones of happiness and smile."

Feelings will deliver in place of the form of the people who are thought to your important.

the work

Manufacturing, which melted into life


Japan In, There Is The Word "Flower One Wheel." It Is Possible, Such As Omitting The Extra Things Rather Than To Decorate A Lot Of Flowers, To Express Inserted A More Purified Has Been Symbolized Beauty In A Small "Bowl".

The single flower is us brings a lot of room in your casual life.


Thing Called "Vessel" Has Been Considered As Important Since Ancient Times In Japan. It Is Food And Drink Is Because I Know That Feel The Taste From The Visual As Well As Taste. And Please Try To Use This "Vessel" In The Coffee And To Drink When Tea You Get Busy Breath You Are Relieved Every Day. You'Ll Be Able To Feel The Taste Was Unlike To Surely Now.

Product information

Use clay: Shigaraki Sat, black mud, moxa soil

Pottery-making technique: Original

The main products: Ratekappu, Vases, bowls tableware, such as

Making Period-Pottery: About 1 Month (Per Piece)

Notes Usage:. Please Do Not Use In A Microwave Oven Or Oven Or Direct Fire Dishwasher Not, From Dried Well In As Much As Possible Handwashing

Keep to the cupboard.

Please keep in mind when handling because there is a risk of injury at the damage caused by the impact because of the pottery.

Ceramic Artist = YUKIO NAKASATO

After Retirement A Major Production Company "Polite Way Of Life," The Theme To Start A Pottery-Making, Pottery History 8 Celebrated The Year, Forget The "Gratitude To The Person Who Took In Hand The Joy And Works Of Be Creative" Without, in embarking on the creation of a new work, in action at the thought that I want to know a lot of people the pottery of Japan to the world it is not limited to Japan the future